WITHOUT A VOICE: The Eradication of Australia's Wild Donkeys.


The Western Australian Government is on a mission to kill every single donkey, one family is trying to save the few that remains.


A documentary film from director Mark S. Meyers and cinematographer Mike Brown.

Released May 01, 2020

Run Time 42 minutes

Format: DVD


Includes bonus features: Molly the Carbon Molecule (cartoon), Medical Emergencies and Education on a remote Australian Cattle Station.

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Tink The Bravest Donkey, written by Jessica Anselment, Perfect for ages 3-8.


"Tink wants to fit in with the rest of the herd but can't because the others bully him for wearing a boot. When Tink is left all alone to fend for himself against a mean, old dog, he musters up all of his bravery to save the day and bring them all closer together."


32 full color pages featuring original art by Andy Griffiths.



The second children's book by Jessica Anselment with original art by Andy Griffiths.


Come along with Little Donkey as he searches for his Valentine  where along the way, he learns that even if we're all a little different on the outside, we're a lot more similar than we might realize!

Ages 2-5.



Burros crossed the Rio Grande into what is now the United States of America 178 years before it won its independence from the British Empire. They were there for exploration of the Spanish Trail, the Catholic Mission system, the building of the railroads and the mining of the American Southwest. Today they are considered an invasive species and are losing their habitat. "America's Wild Burros" explores the history, contributions and future of these often misunderstood animals.


Mark Meyers, along with Bean, spent 2 years in the deserts photographing, documenting and getting to know these incredible animals.


Printed in the United States of America. All proceeds directly benefit the donkeys.
80 pages, full color.   
 $14.99 Copyright 2019



Donkeys helped produce wealth and prosperity in the Caribbean for more than 500 years. Now that they are no longer needed, they are considered a nuisance. Donkeys of the Caribbean takes a modern day look at these amazing animals and explores how they fit into today’s “New World”.


Mark Meyers, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue's Executive Director, spent two weeks in the Caribbean and documented the plight of the donkeys of Bonaire, Sint. Eustatius and Nevis. In this 80 page full color book, he details what he experienced in hopes of improving the plight of these amazing animals.


Printed in the United States of America. All proceeds directly benefit the donkeys.

$12.99 Copyright 2017

Forgotten: The Plight of the American Donkey is the award winning documentary brought to you by the staff of Peaceful Valley.


This 48 page hardcover book is the perfect gift, with stories and pictures that chronicle the growth of our nation's largest rescue. The DVD is held in an inside pocket.


$19.99 Copyright 2016

Mark Meyers Talking With Donkeys Series

TWD4 Riding For The Brand is the longest of the TWD series containing 248 pages in full color. The cost of the book is $21.99 plus shipping and tax. ALL PROCEEDS go directly to the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, no one is compensated for their work on this book. TWD1 has completely sold out. TWD2 has less than 100 copies available. TWD3 is down to the last 200 copies. We have every reason to think that TWD4 will out sale them all, be sure to get your copy!


Mark Meyers recounts the trials, tribulations and fortitude it took to create the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, an organization unmatched in their ability to rescue donkeys all across the country. Journey with him as he Rides For the PVDR Brand.

$21.99 Copyright 2013

TWD3 Saving Them All tells the tale of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue's plan to save all of our country's donkeys that are abused, neglected, abandoned and under threat of destruction. This plan also details how Mark and his staff intent to effect change in the way donkeys are viewed and treated.


Limited Supply


$10.99 Copyright 2008




TWD2 The Simple Philosophies of a 21st Century Burroman takes a look inside what drives author Mark Meyers to give up his professional career to save one of our country's most misunderstood animals.


VERY Limited Supply


$10.99 Copyright 2006

Talking With Donkeys

An Intimate Look at the World's Most Maligned Animal


The book that started them all. TWD1 was written in the early years of the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Filled with donkey stories, photos and terms.


Only 6 copies available for sale.


$75.00 Copyright 2005